Dangerous Dragon- Member Gifts Sneak Peaks (+SHOUTOUT!)

Hi everyone, DD here, you might know that I won membership on the (SHOUTOUT!) Poptropica Help Blog! So if you’re not a member..do you want sneak peaks of member gifts? C’mon let’s go!


Firstly, you can see your advertisement prizes of course…that’s really cool..but I can’t seem to use it, it doesn’t come up even though i have clicked follow or use or anything..

Then there are member gifts! These are cool! So i used card collector to get more, here are many of them..

This is just the beginning..
Lovely Roller Skates!
For those wondering, the sleigh lets you fly around with a cute little elf! (can be used in arcade and other places)
Oh I love the sparkle shades!

But the cutest of all is…

Bunny Car!

Now after that are gold items i got from quippy! I got member ones too! Those are for you to see! Moving on!

In miscellaneous I got a few member things. See?


And now we have pets!


And you all know we get clubhouses, I’m not bothering with them because after my membership expires after one month, they’ll be gone but i will show you the default wallpapers of the rooms-

Lovely wildlife!

That’s what I am going to show today! Thank you for reading this.

Wait! Wait! I have some news! Here today I see this side quest..go explore the rest!

Try this quest!

Also visit Sporty Boa Blog! I like it!


Keep Popping, DD

New Author: Sleepy Starfish

Hello! I am Sleepy Starfish. I am a writer on Sleepy Starfish’s Blog and a new author on Smart Icicle’s Blog. I am excited to be an author on this blog. I found Poptropica through my sister. My hobbies are reading and playing video games. My favorite islands are Arabian Nights, Survival, Escape From Pelican Rock, Mythology, and Shrink Ray. My username on Poptropica is 100349. My instagram is Marestep11.


-Sleepy Starfish

A New Author Arrives- Dangerous Dragon!

Hey Everybody! Dangerous Dragon here! Smart Icicle invited me to write on the blog! Today is my first day so I’m gonna give some news,

Fairy Tale island was easy, isn’t that right. Who all needed a walkthrough? So the creators gave us the walkthrough of the “Side Quests” which isn’t the right term since we have to do it to complete the Island..also the Fairy Fan Art Challenge Winners are announced, check the creators blog for the link to the guide and in the end you’ll see the winners! No spoilers here..

So that’s it, I am very excited to see that Poptropica is working a little bit to come back..the community is great as it was before, it’s all great now…except for the flash to haxe port. Can’t wait to see this blog grow!

Keep Popping, DD

Application + party invitation

Hello everyone! It’s me Smart Icicle and I would like to put up a few exciting events happening! To begin with, for anyone who has stayed long enough on my blog, I am now hiring new bloggers and fan artists for my blog and there are no restrictions. Things on my blog have become a little bit busy lately, so I figured I would need a hand with things. The application is not required to those who don’t want to take it. You can find the application here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1x4tboRNtdIfN50WFuxMTgrRfbay5_st0fih8Z4MJkKI/edit. Next thing, I’m hosting a party for the arrival of Fairytale Island along with reaching a milestone of 5 likes (I know that it is not much likes, but it is a start). Now for the party, it’s not going to be on Discord, but Xat. The party will be held on May 22 at 12:30 EST. If you live in another time zone, use the PHB’s time converter. The place is going to be in the the arcade on Poptropica. See you then fellow readers! ~Smart Icicle📚❄️

*Hint: Hope you are good at drawing on the computer/laptop/or on mobile. You’ll need it for a game at the party.

Fan Artist Spotlight: The PHB

Hello readers! So, you’re probably still thinking of which group I was talking about in National Pokemon Day. I decided to talk and give my first fan artist spotlight to the very own PHB! Now most of you readers might already know about the PHB, some people who are new to the blog not so much. The Poptropica Help Blog consists of many fun activities to participate in like Guess the Poptropican, Community Creations, My Dream Island, their annual survey, Poppies, etc. The PHB also has island walkthroughs for any island on Poptropica. Down below are some fan art from the PHB. Also scroll down to see an exclusive interview with the PHB staff (from Deviantart of course)

Made by SlantedFish
Pop Portrayal: Made by Lucky Joker

Those were just a few! To see more, visit Deviantart and search We-love-Poptropica.

Now time for the interviews! I simply asked the staff a simple question: What inspired them to draw? Down below are the responses I got.
“Drawing inspiration comes from plenty of places, Poptropica included! I find it helpful to spend time appreciating art you admire from others, and to think about how that can inform your own work — through style, colors, topics, and more. Be open to new ideas!” ~Slantedfish

“Everything inspires me to draw! But mostly my inspiration comes from other artists like myself. Whether that be the clever doodles that my friends make, or the fully developed cartoons I watch on TV, they all give me fresh new ideas. Both the techniques used by other artists and the concepts that they delve into help to influence not only how I draw but what I draw, and I hope to inspire others in the same way! Poptropica has obviously done a lot to influence me in that way, but Adventure Time has also made a huge impact on my life in general. Art has always been something I’m passionate about because of how many complex and cool ideas (or even just funny ones) it allows you to express!“ ~Spotted Dragon

“I was first introduced to drawing when I was just knee-high to a grasshopper by my super talented uncle. I’ve been inspired to continue art as a hobby by all of my fandoms and interests — be it a show, movie, book series, or game. Another thing that drives me is the support I get on my work. It makes me feel really good about my abilities that I sometimes feel diffident about.” ~Lucky Joker

“That’s a tricky question since I don’t really have a straightforward answer. I’ve been drawing ever since I was a little kid, though it was just for fun at the time. I started taking art more seriously in middle school because of two key things: comics and pettiness… Let me explain.
I was a big fan of “Big Nate” and “Dork Diaries” at the time, so they obviously had a big influence on my art and writing. But books alone wouldn’t motivate me to make art more than just a hobby. One day in school, I noticed one of my classmates drawing a comic strip at his desk, and I thought to myself, “Hey, I should draw my own comic and show him what I’m made of.” So, I drew my own comic and then wanted to make more afterward. Believe it or not, my drive to one-up this guy set me down the path of illustration and online content creation. I want to thank that student for inadvertently helping me become an artist. I probably wouldn’t be answering this question if it wasn’t for him.“ ~Gentle Dolphin

That’s it for the responses! What did you think of these, (to be honest, I found them all inspiring!) Thank you PHB for taking the time to share! If you want to be the next fan artist let me know (share it in the comments! That’s it for me now, Smart Icicle out! 📚❄️

National Pokémon Day

Hello! It’s Smart Icicle! First, some of you may realize that it is a bit quiet on my blog lately. Well, the reason why it has been so quiet is because of new page setups, schoolwork, etc. Anyway, I’m still around on the blog, it is just hard trying to make new pages and soon categories on the blog (so that everything is sorted). Anyway let’s move on from that, I decided to make a new thing on the blog: National Pokemon Day! Now before I move on just note that this is not a real national day it’s just made up by me. On this day, I would go and talk about everything Pokémon. If you are willing to, you can create fan art for whichever Pokémon you like and submit it in(I created a new page for Contacts). I will also go over to Denviantart and complement any crafts I find interesting. You can share it with a family member if you want to, to show support for the day. Feel free to Enjoy this holiday and if I already haven’t gotten everyone’s attention, there’s a fan club on Poptropica just waiting to have a spotlight. See you soon! Also, Happy National Pokémon Day! ~Smart Icicle 📚❄️

Character Spotlight: Dr. Hare

Hi everyone! I hope you all are having a good Easter! Speaking of Easter, let’s honor the one and only Dr. Hare. This bunny villain has been seen in 24 Carrot Island, Super Villain Island, Hoptropica, and of course his *failed* revenge on the player in Dr. Hare’s Revenge.

Fan art made by Fierce Flyer
Fan art made by AdventuresNHunters
Made by Happyclonetrooper

Hope you enjoyed this post. But wait it’s not over, don’t miss my first interview with the villain’s real life counterpart. Stay tuned in! 😊

Cultural Connections: Captain Crawfish

Hi! I’m Smart Icicle and I would like to introduce a theory on the beloved Captain Crawfish in Poptropica. Now we all know what Captain Crawfish looks like, but could his appearance be inspired by other fictional pirates? Here’s what I think:

A major, modern franchise about pirates is Pirates of the Caribbean. This film series is about all of the misadventures of legendary pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow. So now, onto Captain Crawfish.

Captain Jack Sparrow (pic: Syfy Wire)

You might know that Poptropica’s iconic pirate is named after a lobster-like sea creature (the crawfish). Well, in Pirates of the Caribbean, one of the villains Jack Sparrow had to face was Davy Jones and his crew. In the films, Davy Jones is a pirate who ferries the people who died into the afterlife. He usually would send the Kraken, an abnormally giant squid, onto a ship to take sailors. So there is that connection of a fascination for sea monsters in both Poptropica and Pirates of the Caribbean. Of course, the legend of the Kraken predates the film series.

A 19th-century drawing of a Kraken (pic: Wikipedia)

Next, Captain Crawfish’s hat. His hat is red with a feather and has a green bandana. His hat closely resembles the hat of Hector Barbossa, Jack Sparrow’s rival. Barbossa’s majestic hat is black with a feather and includes a green bandana.

Captain Crawfish’s beard is somewhat similar to Captain Jack Sparrow and Blackbeard, another pirate of old legendwho also appears as an antagonist in Pirates of the Caribbean (the fourth movie). Blackbeard has a long black beard with smoke, while Jack Sparrow’s beard consists of two little braids. Add those two beards together (sans smoke) and you will end up with a beard similar to Captain Crawfish’s.

Profile pic of Captain Crawfish

Now let’s take a quick break and look at the storyline in Skullduggery Island. Fort Ridley is where the main story starts off. Before we arrive, Captain Crawfish has robbed every store — much like the opening to Pirates of the Caribbean, where Barbossa and his crew attack and rob the stores in Port Royal (where all the adventures begin)! Barbossa’s crew also capture Elizabeth Swann, the governor’s daughter in Port Royal. While there isn’t kidnapping in Skullduggery, Captain Crawfish does mess with the governor of Fort Ridley!

At the governor’s mansion in Skullduggery Island.

Back to appearances, Captain Crawfish’s outfit is similar to Elizabeth Swann’s outfit in the second PotC movie. Elizabeth’s pirate outfit consists of a brown coat with a white shirt and cross-body strap.

Also, Captain Crawfish has a gold skull on his eyepatch. This resembles Ragetti, another character from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Ragetti originally had a wooden eye, which he often loses. In the third movie, Ragetti had to give up his eye to Captain Barbossa. After he lost the eye, Ragetti puts on an eyepatch. Wonder what happened to Captain Crawfish’s eye?

Finally, we get to Captain Crawfish’s peg leg. Peg legs are sometimes associated with pirates (though perhaps not based on historic fact). In fact, Barbossa got one in the fourth PotC movie after he lost his leg in an encounter with Blackbeard.

Ragetti (pic: PotC Wiki)

What do you think about these connections between Poptropica, Pirates of the Caribbean, and other pirate legends? Do you agree or disagree? Either way, Captain Crawfish is an iconic Poptropica villain. 

That’s it from me — Smart Icicle out! 

PoTC poll: Jack Sparrow poll

You may have heard of the infamous Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Well I am honored to do my first poll on this new blog. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you: the Captain Jack Sparrow poll! This poll consists of every Escape Jacks Sparrow has went through, all you readers have to do is type the following into YouTube and watch the following videos and then comment down below on what you’re favorite Escape is! This poll ends April 22nd, The best escapes will be announced at the end of April!

Jack’s Escape from the British king

Escape from the pelegostos

Jacks escape after his hanging

jacks escape (Curse of the Black pearl)

Escape from St Martin

Escape from Davys locker

Here are the following videos from The escapes of Jack Sparrow. Hope you enjoyed this post! Smart Icicle out! 📚❄️

The Rise of my Blog!

Hello, I’m Smart Icicle and I’m proud to introduce my new blog. I was inspired by the PHB blog along with many blogs from the authors of the PHB. I’m so far still trying to work things out since this is my first time! Anyway, I post things such as any Poptropica trends, any PoTC trends, etc. I am very happy my blog is starting to open up since it took at least a few days to make. Please provide feedback on what you think of my blog, I will be so very willingly happy to accept any writers. Anyway that’s it for me now! See you next time!

~Smart Icicle 📚❄️