Magical Game Review: Wizard101

Hello again, Smart Icicle! Let’s talk about my favorite game: Wizard101! Wizard101 is a popular roleplay adventure game where the player can choose a school: Life, Death, Fire, Ice, Storm, Myth and Balance. Learn spells along the way and progress through different realms: Wizard City, Krokotopia, Marleybone, Mooshu, and Dragonspyre. This game is available for all ages! You can dress and pick your wizard/witches name! Down below are a few questions about the game.

What is my favorite part about the game?

My favorite part about the game has to be the graphics and the realms!

Few realms of Wizard101

Is there anywhere you need to buy with real money?

Not really, but if you want bundles or membership for the game, then you have to use real money. In Wizard101, the currency is Crowns and you can buy them if you want with real money, but you can go to their website and do some trivia games to earn crowns too. Most areas as you progress go up in crowns.

How long have you been playing for and can you give some info about your witch/wizard?

Well I have been playing for about as long as I have been playing Poptropica. Some info about me in the game is that I’m a life student, usually play with my sister (who is Balance in game), I have two realms so far in game, and I have a bundle in the game.

Hope you enjoyed my review about Wizard101. Be sure to look about my least favorite game about animitronics and jump scares!

Peace, Smart Icicle! 📚❄️

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