Fairy Tale Island Review

Hello! Sleepy Starfish here and today I will be reviewing the new Fairy Tale Island (spoilers ahead). To be honest, I was disappointed by it. I would rate it a 6 out of 10. It was very short and really easy. It took my only 10 minutes to complete it. It was fun, though. You didn’t pick up anything in Fairy Tale Island like you do in the other islands. There was no common room. In the end, Rumplestiltskin got free and you never really got to defeat him. I guess my poptropican is strong enough to carry Cinderella.

Even the hunter found his happy ending. He found his true love in the end. I like how there was a joke. When you are in the dark forest, there is a sleeping owl and you say “Hoo knows when she might wake up”? Maybe Rumpelstiltskin will come back like how Amelia said that they always come back. I do like how you get extra credits. The visuals and the scenery was nice. Why was Amelia in Fairy Tale Island? What did you think of Fairy Tale Island? Did you like it or did you hate it? Share your thoughts in the comments below! Bye!

-Sleepy Starfish

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