TV Show Review: Masked Singer

Hello, everyone! Time for a tv show review! I have mentioned this one quite a while now: Masked Singer! Masked Singer is a competition based show where famous celebrities dress in adorable, scary, or funny costumes and battle each other to win a trophy. There are twists and guest panelists in the show. I can keep going on, but down below are some questions more about it.

Out of all the costumes created, which is your favorite?

So many choices. But I’m going to have to stay with Fox and Rabbit. I always tend to go for creepy costumes but also celebrities who dance on the show too. My secondary has to be the Peacock because I can never stop watching his first performance.

My 1st favorite contestant when I watched the show. Very fun dancer on the show.
Humorous character on the show! Fun dancer!

What is your favorite plot twist on the show?

My all time favorite plot twist is in this season actually. They have another masked celebrity on the show but doesn’t sing or dance, instead they give out clues to the panel. It’s Cluedle-Doo! Even though he’s not the creepy type, I still like his interactions with the other celebrities and of course, the panel. The best part is, you don’t know who he is by his one clue!

Best Clue Master of all time!

What is your favorite song on the show?

Well, I can eliminate the rap performances because I am not a fan of rap. It has to be the Greatest Show from Peacock. That song has been playing over and over in my head nonstop. The most funniest song that I’ve heard on the Masked Singer has to be Raccoon’s first performance.

Anyway, that’s it for me! If you are interested in the Masked Singer, you can watch it anytime on Tubi to get caught up. (It is family friendly after all). Hopefully you will enjoy the season for this year as well (They are on Season 5 already). And if you are already caught up, be sure to watch who gets out tonight on Fox. See you soon! 📚❄️

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