The Wait Is Over! Fairy tale challenge winners announced!

Hey Poptropicans DD Here, the PCB has some new exciting costumes, monthly costume contests and more! The creators announced the winner of the Fairy Tale Writing Challenge and this time they didn’t break their promise!

So you may ask, who are the winners?

Drumroll please.


Congratulations to Speedy Eagle, Mighty Fox, Slippery Sword, and Tall Cactus! Their full submissions are so long and exciting you must read them there!

Moving on, as I said the monthly costume contests are here..what is your idea? Share a link to your drawing or just explain it briefly in the comments!

And as for the new store update we have 6 new items in which two of them are members only. They are:

Cat Hoodie, Garden Glamour, Barbarian Warior, Summer Breeze, and Master Huggins Piggyback with Gummy Rider for members if I am correct. Enjoy these costumes!

Thanks! You may see my idea of the writing challenge on the PHB soon! I will plan monthly contents on the blog later!

Keep Poppin, DD 💜

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