TV Series Review: Are You Afraid of the dark?

Hello Poptropicans! Today, I’m doing a review for a TV series. This TV Series has been the inspiration for everything scary I put in. I even put this in for Dangerous Dragon’s Side Quest competition. So sit back, relax, and prepare to be scared. BTW, this might even help you guess who I picked as the Boss in my side quest and in my future dream island.

What is the series about?

This series is about kids in the group called the Midnight Society who tell scary stories around the campfire. Some of the stories come to life, some of them don’t.

What season did you like best.

Definitely the 2nd season because I liked every single character along with the new monster. I also feel like that I’m actually there, last season gave me a few nightmares.

How would you rate the series so far?

10/10 because I like the villains at the most and that there’s always people going missing. I would maybe tell the younger viewers to have an adult or supervisor with then because there are a lot of scary content.

Hope you liked this review! The next season soon air see in 2023! Meanwhile, take the time to watch the 2 seasons and have fun watching the trailers! Bye, Poptropicans!📚❄️

Season 1 trailer

Season 2 trailer

7 thoughts on “TV Series Review: Are You Afraid of the dark?”

  1. Once you finished both trailers, you could always take an estimated guess about who “The Boss” is. Another reason why I like this is because it also dives down into the villain’s backstory which eventually makes me feel bad for them.

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