Masked Singer Appreciation Week: Day 5: Flamingo

Hi, everyone! It’s time to move from the Fox to another bird: the Flamingo! Flamingo was almost like the Lion in a way, but much more cheerful and happy. Can you guess who the Flamingo is? Also share your favorite Flamingo song in the comments. See you soon! ~Smart Icicle

7 thoughts on “Masked Singer Appreciation Week: Day 5: Flamingo”

  1. Appreciation Week will be on a pause since I won’t be active on the blog tomorrow until Friday. I’m going on vacation. So the next day for Appreciation Week will not be until Saturday.

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  2. My favorite song from the Flamingo is “Never Enough”. The song “ The Greatest Show” and “Never Enough” were both in the same soundtrack. The song almost made me cry a few times.


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