July Costume Contest Winner

Hello! This video shows all the costume designs from July’s costume contest.


The winner of the July’s costume contest is Ice Cream Cat by Silver Flame!

Ice Cream Cat by Silver Flame

Congrats, Silver Flame! The Ice Cream Cat costume will be available free in the Cabin of Curiosities.


-Sleepy Starfish

1 Day Left, Adventures of Ruby And Store Update!!

Hi Poptropicans, DD here. So firstly, those who have been logging in since 10 days, you’ll receive your award tommorow!

Secondly, the Adventures Of Ruby Comic #2 is out! Here is the full series.

Lastly, a few costumes that were from the past came back and a some are new!

Bye And Keep Poppin,

DD 💜

Create A Colouring Page Contest, Two Ad Islands, Colouring Pages, Credit Craze, Guest Post And Store Update!

Hi Poptropicans, DD here.

A lot has happened.

Firstly, Poptropica has a Create A Colouring Page Contest where you can create your own colouring page!

For reference there’s some colouring pages on the website that they released over a few years. Here you go!

I coloured two. See?

You’ll notice Dr. Hare has a moustache. Well he grew up. Create your pages as you like! Imagination’s the limit!

In other news Kamp Koral 2 is out!

Thanks to Slanted Fish For The Images!

There is apparently another ad island known as Vivo and here is what is looks like. I couldn’t play it right now so thanks to Slanted Fish for the images.

You need to find something known as Sand Dollars.

You’ll get a Costume and a monkey sort of thing that sits on your head.

For People Who Want To Earn 5000 credits should have started logging in from 21st July to 31st to get the credits. I didn’t so I can’t. Also now when you complete islands you don’t get credits. This 5000 credits thingy is rare and may come only after a few months.

Credit Craze!

There is a guest post from Invisible Ring on Poptropica Creators Blog which talked about tribes.

She also shared an Easter egg that on night watch island you can get a cap of your tribe for free but now there are no tribes and night watch is gone.

Invisible Ring

A new store update for pets and your popping poptropican!

That’s it for today. Bye!

Keep Poppin,

DD 💜

Draw With DD #2- Lady Of Love

Hi Poptropicans! DD here! It’s been a while since a draw with DD post so let’s do it today!

Today I thought, Phb’s theme for July is fancy so I think I should create one! I used the Poptropican base for the head. You can download it here!

Poptropican Base

So I thought in the olden times you know, when kings lived, there was injustice to the poor people. Kings and nobles considered them slaves.

So they needed love.

Then I thought that there was a goddess of love and she had a child. When her child grew up, she became the protector of love and was sent down to the earth to bring peace. She wears lovely red boots which were given by her father, Kindness.

When I was drawing I kept this in mind:

1. Poptropicans don’t have noses

2. Poptropicans used to have simple black eyes but now with new costumes you can create your own eyes!

3. Must include Hair, a smile, clothes, and boots or simple legs.

And then I created the Lady Of Love!

Here ya go!

The Lady Of Love

Ahh isn’t she beautiful? Feel free to use the Poptropican base!

Hmm..do you like it? Share in the comments below! Please tell me your opinion, I really want feedback! I worked on this for a lot of time!

And also tell me in the comments whether I should create the Goddess Of Love And The God Of Kindness?


Keep Poppin,

DD 💜

Are You A Poptropica Pro?

Hi DD here, my second post today. I found an ad today on a pop quiz on the website.

No I’m not talking about the bad 30 second unskippble ads. The old and classic side bar ads.

This is what I saw

So I clicked the ad and it got me to the guess the character page.

I think I’m pretty good because I got 10/10. Share your results below!

I’m Pro 😎

The link is hyperlinked above 🖕.

Keep Poppin,

DD 💜

Hi Poptropicans!

Hi Poptropicans, DD here. So you know that this blog isn’t just about Poptropica. We have things like Reviews, Favourite Games,Trailers, Videos,Roblox and more! So just a quick thing to tell you.

I Have A Youtube Channel!

So please sub! I’ll be doing roblox and poptropica. Pop Month will be here soon and so will be my pop vids!

Channel: https://youtube.com/channel/UCkfA_wBG87m1t-OR19LjWcw

Thanks and bye!

Keep Poppin,

DD 💜

Masked Singer Episode Frenzy

Hello everyone! Hope everyone liked my Masked Singer post recently! Let’s take a break and go all the way to the beginning! You saw Rabbit, Lion, Peacock, Fox, and Flamingo, but why not relax and let the Masked Singers dazzle you! We are going to be watching the full episodes of these costumes. So sit back, relax, and meet up with the Masked Singers. ~Smart Icicle

Movie Franchise Review: Pirates of the Caribbean

Hello everyone! Today we are doing another movie review on Pirates of the Caribbean! You may have heard about in my Cultural Connections about how Captain Crawfish may have been a little similar to the characters of the franchise. If not, go check it out in the PHB. Anyway, let’s get into it.

What is the franchise about? What is your favorite character?

Pirates of the Caribbean is about the misadventures of Captain Jack Sparrow. Beware as this franchise is rated PG-13 for mild language as well as violence. My favorite characters hasn’t to be Jack Sparrow, but also Davy Jones after hearing his backstory.

What do you like about the franchise? What do you don’t like about it?

I loved all the sword fights along with the ship battles. The one thing I didn’t like about it is that how it involved a few main characters being killed.

What would you rate this franchise.

There may be changes to the last one that I may not be happy about, but so far 9/10.

Down below are all the trailers for the franchise and also the new movie coming out soon. Hope you enjoyed this post! See you soon at the Poppies!📚❄️