Draw With DD #2- Lady Of Love

Hi Poptropicans! DD here! It’s been a while since a draw with DD post so let’s do it today!

Today I thought, Phb’s theme for July is fancy so I think I should create one! I used the Poptropican base for the head. You can download it here!

Poptropican Base

So I thought in the olden times you know, when kings lived, there was injustice to the poor people. Kings and nobles considered them slaves.

So they needed love.

Then I thought that there was a goddess of love and she had a child. When her child grew up, she became the protector of love and was sent down to the earth to bring peace. She wears lovely red boots which were given by her father, Kindness.

When I was drawing I kept this in mind:

1. Poptropicans don’t have noses

2. Poptropicans used to have simple black eyes but now with new costumes you can create your own eyes!

3. Must include Hair, a smile, clothes, and boots or simple legs.

And then I created the Lady Of Love!

Here ya go!

The Lady Of Love

Ahh isn’t she beautiful? Feel free to use the Poptropican base!

Hmm..do you like it? Share in the comments below! Please tell me your opinion, I really want feedback! I worked on this for a lot of time!

And also tell me in the comments whether I should create the Goddess Of Love And The God Of Kindness?


Keep Poppin,

DD 💜

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