New Upcoming Update And New Store Rotation!

Hey Poptropicans DD Here! The Pop creators are posting a lot more often! We have a coming update and one new costume for members!

So the costume is Acidic Dinosaur and here it is! For members only.

There is also a new comic from Muddy Kid/ Pegs.

Also a new update is coming! The Baron’s Airship!

There is a store where you can get old costumes and the new soon to be released monthly costume contests winner costumes! Here is what it will look like.

Keep Flying O Lovely Ship.

Looking at the guy who has the emote on his head..I think it’s also a common room! Only time will tell!

Stay tuned to the PCB for more news and updates!

Signing off,

DD 💜

Introducing: Draw With DD!

Hi everybody! DD here. Do you want to draw Poptropica characters but you can’t?

Well here’s a series hosted by me! Draw With DD!

This month’s I’m going to show you the captain Crawfish I drew.

Here it is!

The first step to starting art is tracing! You go to google or any browser..get the image and start!

If you want the full video of the coloring and Sketching here it is!

Also a tip. When you’re a begginer, bring the reference image up put in on the side..and try your best to find the colours that suit the character!

Here it is! Thanks!

Thank you and the next month’s theme will be, How To Draw A Normal Poptropican!

Keep Poppin,

DD 💜

Anyone Who Wants To Become Speedy Catfish?

Hi so if anyone wants to speedy catfish’s fake account that I created using name genie and the ASG, here are the details.

Note that whoever uses the account pls do not change the look since everyone is free to use it. Thanks!

Username: MissSlimey (idk why I made it like that 🤣) if it doesn’t work then probably Missslimey..

I made it months ago so probably forgot. But do try!

Password : Slimey

Keep Poppin,

DD 💜

Join Poptropica Rewritten!

Hi DD here! So we all know that our beloved islands are gone but the creators got 3 years to port all of them. Was learning new coding language stressful? Was the team short? Or were the Poptropica creators basically lazy? Well we don’t have the answer.

So we know that flashpoint has plenty islands but not all.

So do you want new islands? Do you want to make an island? Most Importantly, Do you want the old island back? All of them!

Then join Poptropica Rewritten Discord Server! I can’t because I’m under 13 but I can spread the word! They need writers, programmers, artists and even supporters! So do join them!

For more details check out this video! 🙂

Let’s bring back the old Pop!

Keep Poppin,

DD 💜


The creators released a candy crazed quest walkthrough! Here it is!


The Wait Is Over! Fairy tale challenge winners announced!

Hey Poptropicans DD Here, the PCB has some new exciting costumes, monthly costume contests and more! The creators announced the winner of the Fairy Tale Writing Challenge and this time they didn’t break their promise!

So you may ask, who are the winners?

Drumroll please.


Congratulations to Speedy Eagle, Mighty Fox, Slippery Sword, and Tall Cactus! Their full submissions are so long and exciting you must read them there!

Moving on, as I said the monthly costume contests are here..what is your idea? Share a link to your drawing or just explain it briefly in the comments!

And as for the new store update we have 6 new items in which two of them are members only. They are:

Cat Hoodie, Garden Glamour, Barbarian Warior, Summer Breeze, and Master Huggins Piggyback with Gummy Rider for members if I am correct. Enjoy these costumes!

Thanks! You may see my idea of the writing challenge on the PHB soon! I will plan monthly contents on the blog later!

Keep Poppin, DD 💜

Side Quest Writing Challenge Winners! DD

Hi Poptropicans, DD Here! People who have been on the PHB and the PHC for a must know the contest I hosted in the comments of the community page!

Also before I tell you the winners you might have seen the blog header! It was designed by me! You are welcome to share ideas too!

So as I was saying, Here are the winners!

3rd Place Goes To…

Pink Panda! Yes, she had shared a good idea and it had an interesting storyline! Here is what was written!

Submission: Help! Someone stole a bag of credits. Poptropicans want you to get it back! So, you follow the thief into a quiet jungle. But, the thief was just a panda who thought the bag of credits was bamboo. As a reward, you will earn 500 credits!
Pink Panda


2nd Place Goes To…

Golden Singer!

Her story had an interesting storyline! You may find it here!


And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for..1st Place Goes to…

Amorey, A commenter on the PHB!

It was a really cool Quest and in then end the outfit given was very nice!


Super congratulations!

Here are some of the ones I really liked by Noisy Snowball and Smart Icicle, The creator!

By Noisy Snowball

Congratulations everyone! Thank you to all who participated! I’ll share most contests if you want! Comment yes if you do!

THANKS and Keep Poppin, DD 💜