Masked Singer Appreciate Week Day 1: Rabbit

It’s time for our first costume: the Rabbit! The Rabbit tricked the judges to the end until he was revealed. He danced his way all the way to then end. You’ve got to give him credit for it! Down below are the performances and clue packages for this creepy bunny. STOP At the end of the video to put in your guess for who this person is but enjoy the songs (parents can help). See you for the next one! ~Smart Icicle

Masked Singer Appreciation Week

Hello, Poptropicans! Remember my Masked Singer review a few months back. So far, all of you seemed to enjoy it! So why not create a whole week for those dazzling performances. Every day, I will post everything about the celebrity (including all the clue packages, and maybe sometimes the reveal). So enough talking let’s get going on the first costume… ~Smart Icicle

Introducing: Draw With DD!

Hi everybody! DD here. Do you want to draw Poptropica characters but you can’t?

Well here’s a series hosted by me! Draw With DD!

This month’s I’m going to show you the captain Crawfish I drew.

Here it is!

The first step to starting art is tracing! You go to google or any browser..get the image and start!

If you want the full video of the coloring and Sketching here it is!

Also a tip. When you’re a begginer, bring the reference image up put in on the side..and try your best to find the colours that suit the character!

Here it is! Thanks!

Thank you and the next month’s theme will be, How To Draw A Normal Poptropican!

Keep Poppin,

DD 💜

Anyone Who Wants To Become Speedy Catfish?

Hi so if anyone wants to speedy catfish’s fake account that I created using name genie and the ASG, here are the details.

Note that whoever uses the account pls do not change the look since everyone is free to use it. Thanks!

Username: MissSlimey (idk why I made it like that 🤣) if it doesn’t work then probably Missslimey..

I made it months ago so probably forgot. But do try!

Password : Slimey

Keep Poppin,

DD 💜

TV Series Review: Are You Afraid of the dark?

Hello Poptropicans! Today, I’m doing a review for a TV series. This TV Series has been the inspiration for everything scary I put in. I even put this in for Dangerous Dragon’s Side Quest competition. So sit back, relax, and prepare to be scared. BTW, this might even help you guess who I picked as the Boss in my side quest and in my future dream island.

What is the series about?

This series is about kids in the group called the Midnight Society who tell scary stories around the campfire. Some of the stories come to life, some of them don’t.

What season did you like best.

Definitely the 2nd season because I liked every single character along with the new monster. I also feel like that I’m actually there, last season gave me a few nightmares.

How would you rate the series so far?

10/10 because I like the villains at the most and that there’s always people going missing. I would maybe tell the younger viewers to have an adult or supervisor with then because there are a lot of scary content.

Hope you liked this review! The next season soon air see in 2023! Meanwhile, take the time to watch the 2 seasons and have fun watching the trailers! Bye, Poptropicans!📚❄️

Season 1 trailer

Season 2 trailer

Join Poptropica Rewritten!

Hi DD here! So we all know that our beloved islands are gone but the creators got 3 years to port all of them. Was learning new coding language stressful? Was the team short? Or were the Poptropica creators basically lazy? Well we don’t have the answer.

So we know that flashpoint has plenty islands but not all.

So do you want new islands? Do you want to make an island? Most Importantly, Do you want the old island back? All of them!

Then join Poptropica Rewritten Discord Server! I can’t because I’m under 13 but I can spread the word! They need writers, programmers, artists and even supporters! So do join them!

For more details check out this video! 🙂

Let’s bring back the old Pop!

Keep Poppin,

DD 💜


The creators released a candy crazed quest walkthrough! Here it is!


🧠 Ask Poptropica Siri #1: Favorite islands, Fairytale frenzy, and fashion perfection

Ask Poptropica Siri is a Q&A segment here on the PHB where you, dear readers, are invited to send in your Poptropica questions to have them answered with all the wisdom you can expect from a Smart Icicle.

What is your favorite island? ~Pegs

That’s a good question! I have many favorites so it is hard to choose just one. But, I like 24 Carrot Island the best! I have had a laugh when meeting Dr. Hare with the Dr. Hare costume. Still wondering where he is after he flew into outer space. 🐰🌌

My second favorite island would be Skullduggery. I’m a big fan of pirates. Plus, I enjoyed meeting Captain Crawfish and the ships in the island.

Where is Rumplestiltskin? ~AMOGUS SUS

Well, no one knows. He might be planning something right now! I know that there’s going to be more mischief from him, so let’s just sit tight for now. 😈 Although, thanks to the fanfic challenge, there are so many new stories where Rumplestiltskin returns to Fairytale Island. I am wondering if the Creators will be able to change the cliffhanger at the end of the island…

What is the best costume for you? ~Dangerous Dragon

My best costume has to be the one I’m wearing right now (see the Ask Poptropica Siri pic above!). I got the kimono through the ASG and the boba tea from Card Collector. Also I have to point out my favorite costume is Slanted Fish’s kimono, bonsai tree, and genie combo. That’s what inspired me to wear kimonos on Poptropica. I also thought that Incredible Joker’s costume was cool!

Slanted Fish with genie ears

How can you send in your questions to Ask Poptropica Siri?

That’s a great question! You can use the following methods:

  • 📧 Send an email to askpoptropicasiri (at) gmail (dot) com. This way, you’ll get to keep your questions a surprise when they get answered on the blog.
  • 💬 Comment on the latest Ask Poptropica Siri post. Your questions will be publicly visible before they appear in a Q&A post, but this allows others to interact with your question if they so choose. If you don’t have an email address, you can enter a fake one in the email field when you post your comment.