Gentle Shadow’s Story: Part Two

Hello everyone,

This is part two of Gentle Shadow’s story, I apologize for the month long delay in between the two parts. Anyway, that said I give you the final part.

*fade in*

Gentle Shadow is brushing her hair at a dressing stand backstage, Dizzy Feather is seated on a crate nearby.

Gentle Shadow:

Hey, Dizzy, could you peek out and see if you can spot that Crazy Ant guy. They say if he’s here, he’ll be somewhere in the first row.

Dizzy Feather runs off. After she does, Gentle throws a fancy microphone sitting nearby into a box, and pulls out a beat up one out of her jacket pocket.

She sits the microphone down and looks at the papers sitting nest to it. She bunches up the papers and tosses them into a nearby trashcan. After she does that, she pulls out a folded up piece of paper from her shirt pocket.

Dizzy Feather runs back and reclaims her seat on a nearby crate.

Dizzy Feather:

He is sitting directly in the middle, he’s wearing a dark gray tuxedo and a dark green tie.

Gentle Shadow:

Ok, I’m the first of seven people singing today, Crazy Ant is the only talent scout here, he’s extremely picky on singers. But I’m sure he’ll like my singing voice.

Over-head speaker: *crackle* Attention. Our first singer will be singing in two minutes. *crackle*

Dizzy Feather:

That’s your cue.

Gentle Shadow:

I guess it is. I’m so nervous, this is my chance to have my dream come true. It may be my only one, what if I mess it up!

Dizzy Feather:

You’ll be fine. I believe in you. In a few weeks to a few months from now. I’ll be asking for you to sign my copy of your first album.

Stage Manger:

Gentle! Your on!

Gentle Shadow follows the stage manger out of sight. Dizzy Feather runs out into a school cafeteria and grabs an open fold-out chair next to Shy Owl.

Shy Owl (whispering):

Is she ready?

Dizzy Feather:

She’s a bit nervous but other than that she is.

Surrounding poptropicans shush her as Gentle walks onto the stage. Slow piano music begins to play.The crew members pause and lift their eyebrows at the piano player.

Gentle Shadow:

🎵 The moonlight shines on the dew covered grass, stars twinkle in de-ligh-t, this world is filled with adventure waiting to be found. Dreams that come true and dreams that never will be true. Perhaps you could be the one, perhaps this could be the year. Lost forever may be stories never told. But maybe once their secrets could be revealed. The moonlight shine on the dew covered grass, stars twinkle in delight. This may be the moment to save the day. But we may never know what adventures wait to be found…🎵

The music and the singing fade as the stage lights click off. We hear clapping before we jump into a fast-forward through the other singers.

Later back stage, Gentle in crouched in the corner crying. Shy and Dizzy are comforting her.

Dizzy Feather:

Don’t let what he said get to you.

Shy Owl:

Yeah, that Crazy Ant was crazy to say you had a terrible singing voice, you sound great.

A lady with deep purple hair walks up to them.


Are you Gentle Shadow?

Gentle Shadow:



Well, my name’s Silly Icicle and I would like to have a talk with you and your parents about having you one my show “Young Poptropicans Have Talent”.

*fade out*

A picture of Gentle is shown on an album cover saying “ Album one of Young Poptropicans have Talent Season 14 winner: Gentle Shadow”

*fade out*

Gentle Shadow

Hope you all enjoyed Gentle Shadow’s story, I’ll see you again soon!

– Dizzy Feather


Welcome to 31 Days of Smartober

Hello readers, today is the start of what I would like to call Smartober (obviously a combination of my Poptropican name and October). During Smartober, I will be looking at trailers for scary movies and games and rank them out of a 1-10 fear meter (💀) This will happen every October. Feel free to put suggestions on what horror game/movie trailers I should look at. Please note to all younger readers: all the content shown will be somewhat or terrifyingly scary. Hope you all have a spooktacular day! Smart Icicle out! ~🎃😈🤡🎃

Gentle Shadow’s Story: Part One

Hello Everyone,

I’ve decided to post some Poptropica fanfiction stories on here , starting with Gentle Shadow’s story, so sit back and enjoy.

Female voice:

Stand up, relax your joints, don’t raise your head, breath through your diagram, take a drink of water if you need to. When your ready say the words, do-re-mi- fa-so-la-ti-do.

Gentle Shadow:


*Fade in*

Gentle Shadow is standing in a very cluttered room, filled with a record players, radios, microphones, sheet music, and DVD players. The walls are covered in music posters. Gentle is standing beside an unmade bed, on that bed is an empty DVD case titled, Pop-fect your singing voice.

Female voice:

Good. Now try singing it.

Gentle Shadow:


Female voice:

Good. Now try singing it one more time.

Gentle Shadow:


Dizzy Feather:


Gentle runs to the window and opens it, from the window we see a young Dizzy Feather, calling up to Gentle.

Dizzy Feather (cont’d):

We’re going to be late.

Gentle Shadow:

Oh, I’m good, I got to practice, if I don’t practice now, then I can kiss my future singing career good-bye.

After she says this she close the window and returns to practicing.

Gentle Shadow:


Gentle Shadow runs down the stairs and out the front door.

Gentle Shadow:

Dizzy! Wait up!

Dizzy Feather stops and waits till Gentle Shadow catches up.

Dizzy Feather:

You forgot about it, didn’t you?

Gentle Shadow:

Almost. But I remembered just in time.

*fade out*

That’s it for Part one of Gentle Shadow’s story, tell me what you think in the comments below!

-Dizzy Feather

Smart Icicles Poptropica Trivia Night #1

Hello everyone! Ready to start Night #1 of my trivia night. You have a few rules to follow before we begin. A. No cheating because it takes all the fun out of it. B. You only have three guesses which means every time you get 1 wrong, you lose one guess. C. Have fun! Got it? Good! Let’s start.

Question 1. On what island would you find the shredded documents to find the PDC.
Question 2. Which island was Poptropica’s 31st island (Hint: its a milky delight).
Question 3. Where would you find the Tree of Immortality.

Impossible Question: In 2017, a lifetime of headers was found on the PHB, hiw many headers were shown. (Only on this question you get to look at the PHB).

Whoever gets it right will get a shout out on my blog. This is also happening on a Chanel I made in Discord too. (People may be wondering if they would have 6 guesses total, three for my blog, three for Discord if they are on both platforms. No, you only have three guesses. If you lose one on Discord, you still have 2 left on both platforms.) Hope this covers things. I decided that there shall not be a time limit because I don’t like to rush people. So take your time with it. Answers must be submitted within next Thursday.
*after night 1, night 2 won’t start until September (bc I’m going to Shark Tooth Island next Saturday). See you soon, good luck! ~Smart Icicle

Summer Drawing Contest

Hi fellow readers, I was feeling a little bit creative and inspired. So I wanted to create a new drawing contest. You may have heard of Inktober, this contest is a lot similar to it. So since summer is in session I decided to create my own drawing contest: draw something every day! Here are the themes:

  1. Beach Vibes
  2. Hotel
  3. Pool Party
  4. Amusement Park
  5. Carnival
  6. Movie Night
  7. Airplane Flight
  8. Vacation
  9. Islands
  10. Festivals
  11. Scrapbook
  12. Bike Riding
  13. Favorite Video Games
  14. Camping
  15. Game Night

You may draw in any style you want (whether it is Poptropica or anime, chibi, or even a stick figure). The best looking drawings will be posted on the blog at the end of the month. Good luck fellow drawers.

~🏖Smart Icicle🏖

New Author Alert!

Hello Everyone

Dizzy Feather here, if you read the title of this post you can probably guess what I’m going to say next, I’m your newest Author here on Smart Icicle’s blog (thanks Smart Icicle!) .

Most of you probably remember me from my Poptropica Fanfics or my own blog, Dizzy Feather’s Poptropica blog. I can’t guarantee how active I’ll be on this blog, but I’ll post don’t worry, this will not be my only post on here. I really don’t know what else to say besides, I’m looking forward to making memories as an Author on this blog.

-Dizzy Feather

P.S. Sorry about sending my comment asking to be an Author on here three times, Smart Icicle I didn’t realize comments had to be approved.

You are invited to Smart Icicle’s Trivia Night

Hello readers! I have decided to start a new series here on my blog and the PHC: my own trivia night. This series will test readers on their knowledge on Poptropica. There is one bonus question based on the Poptropica community. This series will become weekly. Do you think you know everything about Poptropica, this series will test just that. If anyone has any question, email me See you soon fellow Poptropicans! ~🌸Smart Icicle🌸

Explaining why this blog is so dead.

Hey guys, it’s DD here. There hasn’t been a post on this blog for months. I’m about to explain my reasons. Ok, I have school and when I used to be active in the community those were my holidays. Lastly, I have a yt channel called Pwucky with 40 (Ok, 39) subs. I post Roblox content there so I really don’t get time for Poptropica. When I was active, there were no updates coming out so I thought I’ll go away for a while like a week, but weeks changed into months and now here I am. Don’t think I’ll never post, I will but not regularly.

Keep Poppin, DD

Baron’s New Quest Coming Soon!

Hey everyone! DD here and today the creators posted a sneak peak of a new quest coming to Poptropica!

By the title you probably know what it is about! Baron! This may answer your questions. The best part is that it will be available to all players! So if you were upset about the Rumpelstiltskin quest, (which by the way the creators made a walkthrough video on) then this is definitely for you!

Baron Painting
The Baron And Her Famous Monkey

Keep Poppin,