New Upcoming Update And New Store Rotation!

Hey Poptropicans DD Here! The Pop creators are posting a lot more often! We have a coming update and one new costume for members!

So the costume is Acidic Dinosaur and here it is! For members only.

There is also a new comic from Muddy Kid/ Pegs.

Also a new update is coming! The Baron’s Airship!

There is a store where you can get old costumes and the new soon to be released monthly costume contests winner costumes! Here is what it will look like.

Keep Flying O Lovely Ship.

Looking at the guy who has the emote on his head..I think it’s also a common room! Only time will tell!

Stay tuned to the PCB for more news and updates!

Signing off,

DD 💜

Masked Singer Appreciation Week: #4: Fox

🎵Are you ready for the sequel? Are you ready for the latest?…🎵

Hello everyone! The moment has finally arrived, we are now at Season 2 of the Masked Singer. To kick things off, we are going to be looking into my #1 favorite contestant of the show: the Fox. I’ll just make it real quick on why I like the Fox: he’s another performer (like the Peacock), has done a lot of choreography than the Rabbit, and even won Season 2 of the Masked Singer. So let’s kick off Season 2! Don’t forget to share your favorite song in the comments and since everyone is invited to, who do you think it is behind the mask (trust me when picking your fav song from Season 2, it’s going to be a little harder). See you soon! ~📚❄️

Masked Singer Appreciation Week: Day #3 Lion

Hi Poptropicans! So far, we are having a blast with appreciation week for Masked Singer! Few people enjoy this series! So let’s keep the ball rolling with another costume! Many famous celebrities were guessed for the Lion! So who do you think she is? Put your favorite Lion song in the comments!

That also wraps up season 1 of the Masked Singer! To see more costumes and performances, you can stream the Masked Singer on Tubi or any other streaming service! Down below is all the semi finalists performing! Bye! ~Smart Icicle

Masked Singer Appreciation Week: Day 2: Peacock

Hi Poptropicans! Time for our second costume: the Peacock. Yesterday I introduced the Rabbit, my second favorite contestant. I also shared a sneak peek of one of Peacock’s performances. Well, it’s that time again! I show you the clues, the performances, and the reveal. Can’t you figure out who this peacock performer is? Also don’t forget to share your favorite song! Bye!~Smart Icicle

Masked Singer Appreciate Week Day 1: Rabbit

It’s time for our first costume: the Rabbit! The Rabbit tricked the judges to the end until he was revealed. He danced his way all the way to then end. You’ve got to give him credit for it! Down below are the performances and clue packages for this creepy bunny. STOP At the end of the video to put in your guess for who this person is but enjoy the songs (parents can help). See you for the next one! ~Smart Icicle

Masked Singer Appreciation Week

Hello, Poptropicans! Remember my Masked Singer review a few months back. So far, all of you seemed to enjoy it! So why not create a whole week for those dazzling performances. Every day, I will post everything about the celebrity (including all the clue packages, and maybe sometimes the reveal). So enough talking let’s get going on the first costume… ~Smart Icicle

Introducing: Draw With DD!

Hi everybody! DD here. Do you want to draw Poptropica characters but you can’t?

Well here’s a series hosted by me! Draw With DD!

This month’s I’m going to show you the captain Crawfish I drew.

Here it is!

The first step to starting art is tracing! You go to google or any browser..get the image and start!

If you want the full video of the coloring and Sketching here it is!

Also a tip. When you’re a begginer, bring the reference image up put in on the side..and try your best to find the colours that suit the character!

Here it is! Thanks!

Thank you and the next month’s theme will be, How To Draw A Normal Poptropican!

Keep Poppin,

DD 💜

Anyone Who Wants To Become Speedy Catfish?

Hi so if anyone wants to speedy catfish’s fake account that I created using name genie and the ASG, here are the details.

Note that whoever uses the account pls do not change the look since everyone is free to use it. Thanks!

Username: MissSlimey (idk why I made it like that 🤣) if it doesn’t work then probably Missslimey..

I made it months ago so probably forgot. But do try!

Password : Slimey

Keep Poppin,

DD 💜