Store Update!

Hello poppers! It’s been a while since a post and so today we’re checking out the brand new store update!

The new costumes are..

Also if you want to earn a lot of credits to buy things, make sure to check out my guest post on the PHB helping you earn credits!

That’s it for today and oh the costume contest in ending TODAY at 8pm PST! Make sure to send your entry if you have one on the submission page!

Keep Poppin,

DD 💜

New Upcoming Update And New Store Rotation!

Hey Poptropicans DD Here! The Pop creators are posting a lot more often! We have a coming update and one new costume for members!

So the costume is Acidic Dinosaur and here it is! For members only.

There is also a new comic from Muddy Kid/ Pegs.

Also a new update is coming! The Baron’s Airship!

There is a store where you can get old costumes and the new soon to be released monthly costume contests winner costumes! Here is what it will look like.

Keep Flying O Lovely Ship.

Looking at the guy who has the emote on his head..I think it’s also a common room! Only time will tell!

Stay tuned to the PCB for more news and updates!

Signing off,

DD 💜