💫Movie Review: Greatest Showman

Hello Poptropicans and fellow readers! It’s time for my first movie review! Some of you may have watched the Greatest Showman. Time for the movie review!

Greatest Showman Movie Poster

What is the Greatest Showman about?

The Greatest Showman is about a young entrepreneur, P.T Barnum, trying to make publicity and entertainment for the people in the early 1800s. He later decides to create his own business: the Barnum and Bailey Circus! He invited all of the people you wouldn’t expect to see in a regular circus to his circus.

What is your favorite part about the movie?

I watched only parts of the movie, but my favorite part has to be the soundtrack of the entire movie. The songs are so uplifting and happy, you can just hear them over and over again.

How did you come to know the Greatest Showman?

I hardly knew what the Greatest Showman was, but until I started to watch the Masked Singer (a singing competition with fun reveals and costumes), I listened to one of the contestants sing one of the songs from there in season 1. Later I saw my own sister play another song on her instrument. Finally, my grandmom went out with my aunt when it came out and they both watched it at the movies. That just got me so interested into the movie. My 8th grade teacher puts the soundtrack on rarely and at that point, I wanted to watch the full movie.

What would you want to rate this movie?

Even though I haven’t saw it yet, 8.5/10. I would recommend it to all families out there because it would be a fun movie to watch on a weekend or weekday.

That’s it for the movie review! Hopefully you enjoyed it as well as I had making the review! If you want to, I would recommend watching the trailer before the movie. Hopefully you enjoy musicals because this one is big time! See you soon, 📚❄️!

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